Free Gift with Every Order + Promotion OFFER
SPECIAL offer # 1:
Order 500K Iraqi Dinar and
receive 3 notes x 1000 note dinar Free
SPECIAL offer # 2:
Order 1 Million Iraqi Dinar and receive
1 note x 5000 note dinar Free
SPECIAL offer # 3:
Order above 2 Million and receive
2 notes x 5000 notes dinar Free

25,000 New Iraqi Dinar Note


10,000 New Iraqi Dinar Note (limited)


5,000 New Iraqi Dinar Note (limited)


Myanmar Kyat
Vietenamese Dong

Mohamed Thahir Exchange is the most reliable licensed money changer.

Our New Iraqi dinar directly from Central Bank of Iraqi ( CBI ).

Mohamed Thahir Exchange adalah pembekal borong Dinar Iraq Baru yang dipercayai.

Duit dinar kami yang terbaru dengan nombor berurutan .

Our notes new in a serial running number.

Mohamed Thahir Exchange menjamin harga terbaik untuk iraqi dinar.

Mohamed Thahir Exchange gurantee the best price for iraqi dinar.

Untuk pembelian 10 juta dinar kami menawarkan harga borong.

For order 10 Million dinar above we give our wholesale rate.

We also supplier of Myanmar Kyat and Vietnamese Dong.

Sila hubungi kami di talian ini - (+6)014-3301688

Mohamed Thahir Exchange is a pioneer in the foreign exchange business in Singapore. Having started operations in the 1990s
Change Alley money change area of Singapore, Mohamed Thahir Exchange has continued to serve its customers with
trust and confidence.

Presently we are a wholesale supplier of the new Iraqi Dinar. We are able to supply authentic, clean and new Iraq Dinar bank
notes with running number.

Mohamed Thahir Exchange is a licensed money changer in Singapore. We are dealing all Foreign Currency. Some of
our customers have been doing business with us for many decades as we value long term relationship and put the customer
first in all our dealings.

We are known in the market for our integrity, trustworthiness and prompt service. We look forward to
serving your foreign exchange needs. Price may be negotiable for orders of 50 Mil + Dinar.

More than one million with free gift.

International Customer:
+ 65 90666570
Malaysian Customer : (+6) 014-3301688

Copyright 2010 © Mohamed Thahir
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